The project by Fluo which was a large influence to the creation of PT. It gave PT three of their types, Crystal, Wind and Light, as well as two Pokémon, Taddle and Belload.

PPC's latest incarnation dates back to September 2003, a little after Fluo was granted custody of the rsbot, which is an IRC bot written in mIRC scripting that simulates Ruby/Sapphire pokemon battles. The goal of the project was to extend the online battling metagame with new Pokémon, moves and abilities.

These elements were implemented in a special version of rsbot, dubbed PPCBot. A total of 137 new Pokémon, 95 new moves as well as 62 new abilities were created by a dozen of contributors and playable in PPCBot. The bot was hosted by Fluo in the IRC channel #fakearena (which does not exist anymore), and most ideas were discussed there. The amount of new Pokémon and moves increased very quickly - many times, a new Pokémon would be playable mere hours after it was suggested. In order to document the many changes, a website was created. Pictures or sprites were made for some PPC Pokémon, mostly by their respective authors, but a lot of them still only have a vague textual description.

Three new types were created halfway through the project's active life in order to increase diversity. Those types were Crystal, Wind and Light, and were eventually imported into PT (modulo some changes) via one of the main PPC contributors, Birchmon (also known as V Faction). Some other types that were considered in the chat were Manmade (plastic, virtual, robots, etc.) and Space, but they had little support. The Grass and Steel types were also renamed Plant and Metal.

Although there were some regular users, the bot was not used by many people. The lack of a proper context to learn the new Pokémon and moves made it difficult for uninitiated people to be competitive. Besides, although special care was taken to balance the new Pokémon through testing, they were arguably overpowered compared to the originals.

The PPC site has been inactive since January 2004, and the bot fell in disuse a little later.

The main website: