Introduction Edit

Pokemon Weather is a fan-game produced using Sphere. As the title suggests, there is a much stronger focus on the weather and its effects.

Founding and History Edit

This new found idea for a game was founded by Metamew and Co-founded by Dunsparce (who later dropped from the project). Before he thought of making it, he created ideas for 150 new species of pokemon for fun and posted them on various websites.

Later on, after seeing another fan-game called Pokémon Treasures, he was inspired to make his own. He then created a website at proboards (June 2004), which started out very slowly, but began to pick up as more members joined.

As months flew by, members poured in, and a new staff took shape. The new staff included MetaMew, Castform, Ashura, Earendur Telrunya, Barbara, Krusty, and mattgcn. They have been working hard to create a game from the daunting plans set forth. even though members, may dissappear at times, new Staff is always coming in.

After the Pokémon Online engine's progress grew too slow to work with at the time being, the game's staff decided to work in Sphere. Progress has been going slowly lately, but as of Septemeber 2006, a Revival is planned which will downsize the entire project by 2/3.

Revealed Story Edit

Your trainer has just finished travelling the world with his or her mother and grandmmother on a cruise ship. When you arrive in Pinark Town, your final destination of the cruise, you receive a Pokemon from the local professor's daughter. You have always been outshined by the Pokemon your father studies as a Professor, and feel ignored. Travelling the region, winning badges, and forming new partnerships fill your journey with adventure.

However, a destructive organization bent on creating a SuperPokemon using toxic chemicals is on the loose, and you become unwittingly dragged into the plot to capture the very forces that shaped the world.

Features Edit

- The all-new Gohir region - 108 new Pokemon - Night/Day - More variations in weather - Team Neo

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