Pokemon Rainbow and Spectrum Versions Edit

Pokemon Rainbow and Spectrum Versions are part of the MultiColor Project by JGames. These two fangames are being programmed in an object oriented java environment and store all graphics and game data in flat files. The games combine the locations and Pokemon of all previously released official Pokemon Games plus much more. The games are expected to be released around mid-summer 2006.

Pokemon Spectrum as an MMO Edit

Pokemon Spectrum will most likely be released as an MMO. It is being designed in stages. The Kanto and Johto regions should be finished before Pokemon Rainbow, and the other regions shortly afterwards.

Story Edit

Takes place 20 years after the events of GSC.

Features Edit

Pokemon Rainbow/Spectrum is full of new and old regions, Pokemon, and trainers.

Regions Edit

All four old regions along with several new ones are accessible.

  • Kanto
  • Sevii
  • Johto
  • Orange
  • Nored
  • Hoenn
  • Elmet
  • Lunae
  • Tropica

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