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'Mewthree Incorporated', a site and Rom Hacking team, founded by Mewthree9000 in 2002-2003. Once a little site founded by Mewthree90 in 2001, called 'Mewthree's Psy Dungeon'. Which later Closed as Mewthree90 became more active at 'DL Translations'(Founded by DarkLugia), after joining right before opening 'Mewthree's Psy Dungeon' and Mewthree90 became Mewthree9000. After 'Mewthree's Psy Dungeon' closed Mewthree9000 created a small site called 'Mewthree's Underworld'. Later as Darklugia was planning to close 'DL Translations', Mewthree9000 put up the idea to fuse the sites and he would take over as Admin. So it was. 'Mewthree's Underworld'/'Mewthree's Psy Dungeon' fused with 'DL Translations' and became 'Mewthree Incorporated'. Featuring the great 'DL Translation' Staff and Hacks. Mewthree9000 then grew his very own staff list along with a huge archive of programs and new next generation hacks, the site slowly grew and became what it is today. Featuring 'Hack Of The Month', 'Top Glitch', and 'Flame Warz' found it's home in the forums.

The Staff Edit

The staff list of today is made of up of the people on this list.

  • Mewthree9000 (Founder/Admin/Hacker/Spriter)
  • AcCiDeNt (Hacker)
  • Aviex (Spriter)
  • Chiru (Spriter)
  • Kyo (Spriter){Termination Pending}
  • Pyro (Spriter)
  • pkmn_freak (Mapper)
  • na$ (Tester)
  • Newten5 (Hacker)

Great Hacks Edit

And the following great hacks.

First Visual Basic Project Edit

And Mewthree9000's first program project in Visual Basics, PokeTronic with many various useful features.

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