Introduction Edit

JEPE is a Pokémon game engine, in Java and XML.The goal is to make a dynamic system which is mostly XML and little Java, for ease of editing.


Current Status Edit

JEPE has made significant progress, mostly due to the diligent work of FMY. Players can walk around the overworld, warp between maps and interact with grass, but not yet interact with signposts or NPCs. There are currently no battle or contest engines.

Latest Demo:
Jepe-Demo2 (1.6MB, 22/12/07)

Founding Members Edit

The founding members of JEPE are FMY, Thiefmn6092, and BonzaiRob.

Site Edit

The site is currently located at .

Games using JEPE Edit

Pokémon Treasures is JEPE's flagship game.
Pokémon Topaz was the second to sign up, bringing Thiefmn6092 in.
Pokémon Cyare is a close affiliate of PT.

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